Our Program

A unique 20-week all-inclusive audition intensive open to all who would like to sharpen their skills as a performing artist and learn the cutting edge techniques to ensure the necessary self-confidence, discipline and focus in the presentation of their audition material. Teachers maintain a close relationship with parents and offer advice on how to support their children during this vital period of college and high school auditioning.

If you are planning to audition for college, high school or a professional performance, you may use this intensive to develop your artistic process. Throughout the 20 weeks (divided into two semesters) students will learn several fundamental acting techniques that will aid in their training and help prepare them for their audition. The Intensive will be a 'college level' course, and will teach students to collaborate with actors and directors, as well as give solid career development strategies to those planning on making a living in the performing arts.

Weekly Private Coaching Sessions • College Audition Counseling

Monologue Selection • Cold Reading • Scene Study • Ensemble Work

Workshop Will Include:

  • How to Approach a Solo Performance or Monologue, Including Staging Techniques
  • College application and prep on how to Choose a the right College BFA & BA programs
  • Textual and Play Analysis
  • Methodologies of the Emotional Life on Stage
  • Connecting to the Physical Body as an Approach to Discovering your Character’s Journey
  • Techniques that Enhance Breath Support, Vocal Variety, Projection and Articulation
  • Develop Basic Skills to Interpret, Analyze and Understand Classic Text
  • Registration

  • 2 semesters of 10 one-and-a-half-hour private coaching sessions over the Spring, Summer and Fall
  • 30 hours of private instruction total
  • Sessions may be scheduled anytime between April 1st and December 22nd
  • Sessions scheduled at your convenience, on the day and time that fits your schedule, may alter day and time weekly, as you see fit
  • Cost

    $1,200 per semester (15 hours of private lessons)

    $100 off for the first three students registered per semester